Opening Liturgy – Cathedral and South Deanery Visitation (updated 13th October)

The opening liturgy at the Oratory is open to all, at 7pm Wednesday 12th October 2022. It will consist of Vespers followed by an address from the Archbishop and a talk from Bishop Evans. Parishioners are welcome as well!

UPDATE: Summary of the Launch meeting…

I went to the launch of the Diocesan Visitation to our new Cathedral & Birmingham South deanery last night, at the Oratory. Both Archbishop Bernard and, his auxiliary, Bishop David Evans spoke at the end of Vespers. They will visit our parish some time between now and March next year.

The Archbishop spoke about the challenging times we find ourselves in, following the Pandemic and present financial insecurities, but encouraged us to trust in God’s goodness.

Pointing to the Synod earlier this year, he encouraged us to continue working together in discerning God’s will, to growing in our faith and sharing the Good News. He emphasised our Diocesan Vision (see below) and to look again at how our parish forms disciples, evangelises, prays/worships God and serves those in need – with a focus on families and the young.

I will feedback to Fr Cownley, and will be letting people know soon about how we could prepare for this Visitation. I will post the talks from last night on the website, as soon as I receive them. Thanks for taking the time to read! Paul Northam.

Diocesan Vision…

“We are called to be a Catholic diocese which is:

faithful to the mission entrusted to us by Jesus Christ

full of missionary disciples who work together co-responsibly

in vibrant communities of faith,

joyful in their service of God and neighbour.”