Saturday (for Sunday) – 5pm
Sunday9am, 11am & 1pm (Shona)
Weekdays – 10am

Confessions – Please contact Fr Cownley.


Saturday 8th

5.00pm (for Sunday)
SUNDAY 9th – 6th Sunday of Easter
9.00am & 11.00am

Monday 10th – Saint John of Ávila, Priest, Doctor
Tuesday 11th
Wednesday 12th – Saints Nereus and Achilleus, Martyrs  
or Saint Pancras, Martyr

10.00am Yr4 St Gregory’s School (please note that this is the only mass of Ascension and space will be very limited due to the attendance of the school – please check other parishes for alternative mass times.)

Saturday 15th

5.00pm (for Sunday)
SUNDAY 16th – 7th Sunday of Easter
9.00am & 11.00am


Thursday 27th

11.30am – Funeral

The readings and prayers for Mass can be found at the UNIVERSALIS website, or the mobile app can be downloaded from the Android or iOS app-stores

Attendance for these masses are limited to ensure social distancing.

Sunday obligation for attending mass is temporarily suspended
so please consider attending a weekday mass should Sundays become overcrowded.

In line with the government and diocesan recommendations, there will be some differences to the way we celebrate mass here at St Gregory’s Church.
The main and important ones are as follows:

  • If you are a person who is more vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19 (especially those who are over 70 yrs old) it is recommended that you refrain from attending mass for the time being, for the safety of yourselves and others. While you will be most welcome to attend, it will be at your own risk.
  • If you (or someone in your household) has symptoms associated with Covid-19 (new and persistent cough, temperature or loss of taste or smell) we ask that you refrain from attending mass for the time being, for the safety of yourselves and others.
  • Face masks are now mandated by law in churches, to reduce the risk of communicating the virus.
  • You will be required to sanitise your hands on entering and exiting the Church building.
  • The capacity of the church has had to be limited to an absolute maximum of 80 people in various seating configurations. Please be patient as stewards will be directing people to their seats.
  • Those receiving communion are asked to maintain appropriate social distancing.
  • The church will be cleaned after each mass and we ask that it be vacated as soon as possible after the dismissal for that purpose.

Many of the volunteers are primarily attendees of the 9 o’clock mass. Without the usual channels of communication at church it has been hard to make contact with everyone who might want to help out. We would ask if you feel able to volunteer and are not in a vulnerable category that you contact Margaret (details on the Contacts page). We are required to have people to steward and clean at each mass and it’s important that each congregation can sustain the safety measures themselves. Visit the Get Involved page to see how you can do just that. There is also information on how you can join our readers lists.