Letter from the Dean: Advent 2023

Dear St Gregory’s parishioners,

I’m writing to update you about some discussions that have taken place since the funeral of your parish priest, Fr Edwin, with regard to the future.

For me to better understand St Gregory’s parish, in November I asked for a small, representative group to convene to help me look at some issues that needed addressing while you are without a parish priest. This group continues to liaise with me, and they will soon be gathering you together for meetings and discussions on how each of you can be involved in the mission and ministries of your parish.

I would also like to let you know that in the New Year a letter will be coming to every parish in our deanery, about plans for a re-imagining of our deanery structures, how parishes are served, and when Masses are said.

This will require everyone at St Gregory’s to pull together to make sure that your parish is drawing on all the gifts that God has given you for your mission in Bearwood.

Please look out for the letter in the new year, and for an invitation from the group I’ve convened, to get involved in building a bright future for the Church in Bearwood. I look forward to remaining in touch.

Canon Gary Buckby (Dean of Cathedral & Birmingham South Deanery)

Note: The first task of this small group is to try to address some of the immediate needs of the parish, under Canon Gary’s direction. He sees the next few months as an opportunity to bring the parish together to imagine a positive future for St Gregory’s.

Please pray for our church, and if you have any questions, the following people will do their best to respond to any queries you may have:

– Deacon Ajit Gomez,
– Liz Coleman (Safeguarding Rep),
– Paul Northam.

…or use the contact form on the parish website.