This page has been set up to point parishioners and visitors toward support during the Covid-19 outbreak, which has resulted in our church being closed for both public worship and private prayer for a time.

Helpful Information

The following links may be useful in order to find the latest information the Church is issuing during this outbreak as well as links to live-streamed Holy Mass, suggestions for prayer and signposts to websites that can answer your questions during this uncertain time. New content is being added so please check back.

Sharing Hope in Crisis

Some parishioners have created a card which you can use to let your neighbours know they are not alone. Please feel free to copy and paste into a document, and add your own contact details.

(Right-click on the image for copy menu).

Alone Together

Follow the link below to see more videos on lessons that we can learn from monastic life on how to pray and thrive in this period of isolation and social distancing: Alone Together